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Pastry for every occasion

– OUR designs –

Shop our perfect cakes & desserts. Visit us at the Promenade Mall or website, and reserve your ultimate idea by sending us an e-mail🧁 Cakes In Toronto Cafe

For any reason, any occasion we are ready to do our best just for you! Enjoy browsing our diverse pastry portfolio.
Plenty of creative designs and flavors tailored for any type of event.

If you liked a certain type of decoration that is not in here, you can upload the image when filling the order details (adding comments, different color, flavor etc...) and request for further change (email or WhatsApp).
If you like a cake that is not on my website,
you can upload an image to the order form of a cake you like as an example, and I'll do just that!

At Cake It Toronto, we use only the highest quality with the finest ingredients in each cake, dessert, coffee, crepe, or croissant In order to bring healthy awareness to everyone.
The secret to good cooking is to start with fresh, high-quality ingredients.
Browse our Shop-Now items to view pastry for every occasion.
At Cake It Toronto, we prioritize quality in our performance, our employees, and our cakes & desserts.

Mousse Slices

If you find yourself captivated by the allure of mousse slices, then this collection is curated exclusively for your indulgence!
Whether you're envisioning an opulent dessert spread, relishing a tranquil moment with a cup of tea, or simply yearning for a lavish treat to gratify your sweet cravings, these mousse slice creations might be precisely what you're seeking.
Elevate your gastronomic journey with these luscious and velvety mousse slices, promising to infuse a touch of sophistication into any occasion.
Delight in Cake It Toronto's specialty mousse slices for an exquisitely sumptuous celebration in every mouthful.
Nutella & Bueno | Pistachio & Berries | Lotus & White Chocolate | Oreo & Cookies


If you savor the exquisite delight of croissants, this collection is tailored to your taste buds!
Whether you're orchestrating a leisurely brunch, enjoying a cozy afternoon tea, or simply craving a delightful treat, these croissant-inspired creations might be precisely what you desire. Elevate your gastronomic journey with these irresistibly flaky croissants, promising to infuse a touch of indulgence into any occasion.
Indulge in Cake It Toronto's specialty croissants for a truly magnificent celebration in every bite.


These romantic macaron delights may be precisely what you're searching for.
If your sweet tooth craves the delicate allure of macarons, then this collection is tailored to your dessert desires! Whether you're orchestrating a dreamy date night or preparing for a special Valentine's Day dinner that demands a luxurious finale.
Indulge in the decadence of these desserts, promising a unique and captivating experience to sweeten your moments.
Vanilla | Nutella | Pistachio | Strawberry | Oreo


If Bourekas are your preferred indulgence, then this collection is tailor-made for you!
Whether you're gearing up for a delightful evening or a special occasion that demands a sweet conclusion, these Bourekas creations might be precisely what you're searching for.
These delectable treats promise a distinctive and captivating culinary experience.
Try Cake It Toronto's beautiful Bourekas for an absolutely magnificent savory celebration in your mouth.


If dessert is your favorite part of the meal, then this collection is for you!
Whether you're planning for the ultimate date night, or a special Valentine's Day dinner - and need a decadent dessert to finish off the evening—these romantic desserts may be just exactly what you need.
These desserts will offer a unique and engaging experience.
Try Cake It Toronto's beautiful Sugar Teddy for an absolutely magnificent celebration in your mouth.


Savor the irresistible delight of sweet crepes: thin, golden pancakes enveloping a symphony of flavors. Nutella and strawberries harmonize with a sprinkle of powdered sugar, creating an enchanting experience of pure decadence. Let each bite transport you to a realm of blissful indulgence.
Try Cake It Toronto's Crepes for a beautiful experience.


A mousse cake is a truly decadent dessert. Most times, though, the mousse texture is exactly the same from one layer to the next and the flavor is so overpoweringly rich it’s hard to finish more than a few forkfuls.
Slicing into each of these cakes is so satisfying, eating it is simply divine!
Cake It Toronto offers Nutella Babka.


A wise man said: "Every Mother's Day needs a Mother's Night".
We are here to send love to all of yall' moms! From Hearts full of Chocolate, Chocolate bars, to Heels, we got your gift ready for this year's Mother's Day.


Our creamy-filled Sufganyot are going to make your taste buds go crazy! Try our special Sufganyot and know for yourself that you have never tastes something so good in your life.
In 2022, we at Cake It Toronto started working on a beautiful masterpiece! A FIRST EVER BLACK SUFGANYAH.
Cake It Toronto collaboration with Chef De La Mesa brought to you the first in America's history - Savory Sufganyah!


You can't celebrate Purim without Hamantaschen.
Get a box full of Hamantaschen with our latest creations, full of sweet fillings and special toppings, to get all of your guests the best Purim cookies.


Cake It Toronto is proudly bringing many tastes from all around the globe 🌎 to Canada 🍁