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Custom-designed cakes, desserts, patisseries
Toronto | GTA

Cake It Toronto creates memories and unforgettable moments through cake designs and patisseries,
Located in Thornhill Vaughan ON, serving the GTA and Toronto.
At Cake It Toronto, we use only the highest quality with the finest ingredients in each custom design cake,
In order to bring healthy awareness to everyone.
The secret to good baking is to start with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

At Cake It Toronto, we prioritize quality in our performance, our employees, and our cakes & desserts.
Can’t find the right sweet course? Feel free to look at our monthly specials!

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At Cake It Toronto, we take you to an explicit adventure and explore the art of culinary flavors with a frizz of homemade benefaction. Our passion and expertise combined with newfangled flavors open new doors to all of our customers, and this is what we are known for.
Cake It Toronto will help you create your own unforgettable moments with custom designed edible art, serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
Professional Young Kris carries her knowledge and creativity right to you. Passionate about her work in the kitchen, she will deliver to you her best of experience over a detailed session to answer every request you have.
Cake It Toronto also makes special Croissants, Crepes, Coffee, and Desserts for everyone! We even got Sugarfree Muffins 🥰

Cake It Toronto brings you on an explicit journey, where they celebrate the art of culinary tastes with a frizz of homemade goodness. Young Kris introduces her talents and innovation to you. She is passionate about her job in the kitchen and will give you her best in an informative session to answer all of your inquiries. The enthusiasm and knowledge, coupled with novel flavors, open new doors for all of our clients, and this is what they are known for.
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Cake It Toronto Co-Owner - Kris Jacob

Kris Jacob

Kris is the Co-Founder of Cake It Toronto


It all started as a fairytale in a cozy kitchen of an average suburban home when one day Kristina Jacob was watching a TV show called "Cake Boss", a reality show about a New Jersey family-owned business formulating delightful cakes into art. Without a doubt, Kristina sensed an ambiguous feeling inside and was thrilled about creating tasteful art by herself.

The first time she baked was for her young sister's birthday party, where every guest was stunned by her creativity and deliciousness of what she created and as of that day Cake It was born.

Kristina's passion for the kitchen, experience and knowledge of different food cultures, and particularly coming from an eastern European family, a combination that makes her desserts speak for themselves. Cake It Toronto is not just your ordinary bakery, it is the mixture of every little detail in that you will feel at the tip of your tongue with it's custom designed cakes and desserts, serving in the GTA.

Cake It Toronto
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