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Pastry for every occasion

Shop our perfect cakes & desserts. Visit us at the Promenade Mall or website, and reserve your ultimate idea by sending us an e-mail🧁 The best Cafe & Cakes in Toronto

For any reason or occasion, we are ready to do our best just for you!
Enjoy browsing our diverse pastry portfolio.
Plenty of creative designs and flavors tailored for any type of event.

If you liked a certain type of decoration that is not in here, you can upload the image when filling the order details (adding comments, different color, flavor etc...) and request for further change (email or WhatsApp).
If you like a cake that is not on my website,
you can upload an image to the order form of a cake you like as an example, and I'll do just that!

At Cake It Toronto, we use only the highest quality with the finest ingredients in each cake, dessert, coffee, crepe, or croissant In order to bring healthy awareness to everyone.
The secret to good baking is to start with fresh, high-quality ingredients.
Browse our Shop-Now items to view pastry for every occasion.
At Cake It Toronto, we prioritize quality in our performance, our employees, and our cakes & desserts.

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Cake It Toronto is cooperating with Uber Eats. Go ahead and check us out -

If you feel like staying in bed, and have a delivery right to your doorstep,
Try Cake It on Uber Eats to see our wide selection of pastries, coffee, specialty drinks, mousse cakes and slices, with the option to deliver to your doorstep.

Color may look different on a screen than in reality. Limited quantity.

Cake It Toronto is proudly bringing many tastes from all around the globe 🌎 to Canada 🍁