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How to Store and Transport Your Cake Safely

You've ordered a stunning cake from Cake It Toronto, and now it's time to get it to your event in perfect condition. Proper storage and transportation are crucial to ensuring your cake looks and tastes its best when it arrives. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to store and transport your cake safely.

Storage Tips

Keep It Cool: Cakes with buttercream, cream cheese, or whipped cream frosting should be kept refrigerated until you’re ready to serve them. This helps maintain the cake's structure and freshness.

Set your refrigerator to a temperature between 34°F and 38°F (1°C to 3°C).

Place the cake in a designated area away from strong-smelling foods to prevent it from absorbing odors.

Avoid Humidity: Humidity can cause fondant and sugar decorations to become sticky or melt. If you live in a humid climate, consider storing your cake in an air-conditioned room instead of the refrigerator.

Use a dehumidifier if necessary.

Store the cake in a cool, dry place if air conditioning is available.

Cover the Cake: To prevent the cake from drying out or absorbing odors, cover it loosely with plastic wrap or store it in a cake box.

Avoid pressing the plastic wrap directly onto the cake’s surface to prevent damaging decorations.

Ensure the cake box is sturdy and fits the cake well to avoid movement.

Transportation Tips

Choose the Right Vehicle:

Transporting a cake requires a clean, flat surface. Avoid placing the cake on a car seat or uneven surface.

Use a flat, non-slip surface in the trunk or cargo area of your car.

Place a non-slip mat or towel under the cake box to prevent it from sliding.

Secure the Cake:

Ensure the cake box is secure and won’t move during transit. If possible, place something heavy next to the box to keep it in place.

We usually put the cake at the floor of the passenger seat, and firmly place the seat next to it for extra safety.

Use seat belts or other securing methods to keep the cake box stable.

Avoid placing heavy items on top of the cake box.

Drive Carefully:

Sudden stops or sharp turns can cause the cake to shift or topple. Drive slowly and carefully to ensure a smooth ride.

Take corners slowly and avoid sudden braking.

Plan your route to avoid bumpy roads or heavy traffic.

Maintain Temperature:

If you’re transporting the cake in hot weather, keep the car cool. Use air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Avoid parking in direct sunlight.

If the journey is long, consider using a cooler or ice packs around the cake box (without touching the cake).

Setting Up at the Venue

Inspect the Cake:

Once you arrive at the venue, inspect the cake for any damage that might have occurred during transport. If needed, make minor repairs with extra frosting or decorations you brought along.

Bring a cake repair kit with extra frosting, piping bags, and decorations.

Carefully reassemble any pieces that might have shifted.

Choose the Right Display Location:

Place the cake on a sturdy, level table away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and high traffic areas.

Ensure the table is large enough to accommodate the cake and any decorations.

Avoid placing the cake near doors or windows where drafts can affect it.

Final Touches:

Add any final touches to the cake once it's in place, such as fresh flowers or toppers.

Bring extra decorations for any last-minute adjustments.

Ensure any edible decorations are safe and food-grade.

Why Choose Cake It Toronto?

At Cake It Toronto, we provide not only beautiful and delicious cakes but also guidance on how to store and transport them safely. Our goal is to ensure that your cake arrives at your event in perfect condition, ready to impress your guests. Testimonials Here’s what some of our clients have to say: Alexandra P.: “Cake It Toronto provided detailed instructions on how to store and transport our wedding cake. It arrived perfectly and was a huge hit!” Brian L.: “The team at Cake It Toronto went above and beyond to ensure our cake was transported safely. We couldn’t be happier with their service.” Michelle K.: “Our cake made it to the venue without a hitch thanks to the helpful tips from Cake It Toronto. I highly recommend their expertise!”