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Baptism Custom Cakes

Welcome to our "How We Baked This Cake" series, where we take you behind the scenes to see the magic that goes into creating our delicious cakes. Today, we're sharing the journey of baking a unique cake inspired by the Strongbow cider drink for a special celebration. Let's get started!

Lexie's Custom 2 Cakes Order in Toronto

Lexie reached out to Cake It Toronto, a top-rated provider known for custom cakes in Toronto, to arrange for a special birthday and baptism celebration on June 24. She specifically requested a decadent chocolate cake for the baptism and a visually striking vanilla purple cake for the birthday, both designed to serve approximately 15 guests.

The Design Process

Initial Consultation: Our design process begins with a thorough consultation to understand the client's vision and preferences. For Lexie’s cakes, we discussed her ideas for both the birthday and baptism cakes, ensuring every detail aligned with her expectations.

Concept Development: Based on the initial consultation, our skilled designers draft preliminary sketches and design concepts. For the birthday cake, we focused on creating a visually striking purple theme, while for the baptism cake, we aimed for an elegant and classic look.

Design Idea for Livi's first cake

Customization: Each cake we create is unique. For Lexie’s order, we customized the designs to incorporate personal touches. The birthday cake featured a vibrant purple icing, creating a playful yet sophisticated appearance. For the baptism cake, we selected simple yet elegant decorations that complemented the chocolate flavor.

Material Selection: We carefully select materials for decorations, ensuring they are both beautiful and functional. For instance, we used high-quality fondant to create smooth finishes and intricate details. In Lexie’s case, we tailored the decorations to be easily transportable, ensuring they stayed intact until the event.

Crafting Decorations: Our talented decorators meticulously craft each decorative element by hand. For the birthday cake, we created themed elements that reflected the celebratory nature of the event. Even though the specific doll Lexie requested was not available, we improvised with equally charming decorations that matched the cake's aesthetic.

Final Approval: Before finalizing the design, we seek the client’s approval. We shared our progress with Lexie, making sure she was satisfied with the modifications and overall look of the cakes.

Assembly and Detailing: The final step involves assembling all elements and adding the finishing touches. Our decorators carefully place each decoration, ensuring the cake looks perfect from every angle. The birthday cake's purple theme was brought to life with delicate icing and handcrafted elements, while the baptism cake was finished with elegant simplicity.

Another Design Idea for Lexi's second cake

By meticulously following these steps, Cake It Toronto ensures that every custom cake we design is a true work of art, crafted to delight and impress. Whether you’re looking for birthday cakes in Toronto or custom cakes in Toronto downtown, our design process guarantees a cake that’s as beautiful as it is delicious.

Quotation and Confirmation

Cake It Toronto, recognized among the best birthday cake shops in Toronto, promptly responded. Lexie confirmed her order by submitting a deposit, ensuring she secured the perfect custom birthday cakes in Toronto for her event.

Logistics and Customization

In discussions leading up to the event, Cake It Toronto ensured every detail met Lexie's expectations for the cakes in Toronto downtown. They carefully crafted a traditional 8” round chocolate cake for the baptism, featuring rich chocolate flavors that delighted guests. For the birthday celebration, Lexie opted for a vanilla base with vibrant purple icing, creating a stunning centerpiece.

Pickup Arrangements and Delivery Options

With pickup scheduled for 10:00 AM on June 24, Cake It Toronto facilitated a seamless transaction, offering flexible delivery options within Toronto, including cake delivery Toronto services via Uber for added convenience.

The Baking Process

Ingredient Selection: For Lexie's special cakes, we selected only the finest ingredients to ensure exceptional flavor and texture. This included high-quality vanilla for the birthday cake and premium chocolate for the baptism cake, along with rich butter and fresh dairy products.

Baking the Layers: Each cake layer was carefully baked to perfection. The vanilla cake layers were moist and infused with pure vanilla extract, while the chocolate cake layers were rich and decadent, made from the finest cocoa powder.

Creating the Frosting: We crafted a smooth and luscious buttercream frosting for both cakes. The vanilla cake was complemented with a delicate vanilla buttercream, and the chocolate cake featured a rich, creamy chocolate buttercream.

Assembly: The cakes were meticulously assembled. Each layer was evenly spread with a generous amount of buttercream, ensuring a balanced and flavorful bite in every slice. The birthday cake featured its striking purple icing, while the baptism cake was elegantly finished with smooth chocolate frosting.

Decorations: For the birthday cake, we added beautiful, purple-themed decorations that were both festive and fun. Given Lexie's specific request, we ensured the decorations were secure and suitable for transportation. The baptism cake was adorned with elegant, subtle decorations suitable for the occasion.

By following these meticulous steps, Cake It Toronto guarantees that each custom cake we create is a masterpiece, worthy of your most special occasions. Whether you need birthday cakes in Toronto or custom cakes in Toronto downtown, our baking process ensures every cake is exceptional.

Final Design of Livi's Custom Cake Order by Cake It Toronto

Cake It Toronto stands out among the top 10 cake shops in Toronto, renowned for its commitment to delivering the best custom birthday cakes Toronto has to offer. Whether you're looking for La Rocca cakes or exploring unique birthday cake alternatives in Toronto, Cake It Toronto ensures each creation is a masterpiece, reflecting your unique celebration.